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Wally Webmaster
Sex Facts

Scientists, doctors, and psychologists have been studying sex for centuries to gain a better understanding of passion and lust through the various explanations, discoveries, bodily reactions, and the mechanics of pleasure. Below are 10 strange sex facts that are generally surpassed by the media and medical journals.

The clitoris contains approximately 8,000 nerve endings, while the penis contains approximately 4,000; making the clitoris the most sensitive part of not only a female’​s body but of the human body. Since the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the human body, it is understandable why direct contact without lubrication or overstimulation can cause great discomfort for women. Thankfully, this super sensitive body part is shielded from accidental stimulation by the clitoral hood.

One good orgasm can cure nasal congestion, according to the Journal of Medical Hypotheses report in 2008. The male orgasm stimulates the adrenergic receptors in the nasal passage, alleviating nasal congestion.

The presence of pubic hair may help enhance sexual pleasure, despite the trendy bare down there styles. Pubic hairs contain pheromones, which help enhance sexual arousal of the opposite sex. Scientists have discovered pubic hair act as an aphrodisiac during sexual activity, and not merely as a form of protection for one’​s genital region.

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On 5 Dec 2012 at 09:55 am - Other - by Wally Webmaster
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