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Wally Webmaster
10 Tips On Running a Better hookup Business
Just as one would expect, experienced hookups run a better business than novices. hookups that are new to working in the adult industry, tend to worry about when the next client will call, and the potential consequences to saying no to a client’​s request.

Most hookups learn how to run their business efficiently and effectively by making mistakes along the way. Below is a list of 10 tips that may help novices avoid some common mistakes, while learning how to run a better business.

Out-call limitations
One of the first things all hookups should do is limit the number of costumes and kinky toys they are going to lug around town with them to appointments. Keep excessive costume changes and play involving a variety of toys for in-call appointments.

Since setting limitations is normal and acceptable from women providing hookup services, clients will understand why certain services are more convenient and easier when the client goes to the woman.

Other outcall limitations that should be determined includ

Minimum hour bookings, for example requiring appointments of a minimum of two hours in order to ensure costs, time, energy, and travel are compensated for
Servicing areas should be limited for safety and distance purposes
Restrictions to where outcalls can take place, for example, avoid private residencies for safety reasons.

Enforce boundaries
New hookups are often tempted to loosen their boundaries and step outside of their comfort zones for clients, out of fear of negative reviews. However, experienced hookups are offended by clients who push their boundaries. Clients who are known for pushing hookups’​ boundaries do not understand the meaning of the word “​no,”​ making them ones to avoid.

Do not act like a party girl
It is okay to engage in a little partying with clients, however excessive partying is strongly advised against. When one is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol it becomes easier for people to loosen their boundaries and make careless mistakes. Drugs and alcohol lower a person’​s inhibitions, impair judgment, and decrease one’​s ability to effectively perform their job. Not to mention, if you were to get caught with illegal drugs, you would then be in trouble with the law.

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On 5 Dec 2012 at 10:01 am - Other - by Wally Webmaster
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